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Laser Treatments

HIFU [High Intensity Focused Ultrasound]

HIFU is an advanced treatment for ageing and is one of the most sought after treatments because of its immediate results, Patients can experience excellent results within one month of the treatment, we have the best quality machinery for HIFU technology laser treatment in Kalyan and Dombivli.Ultrasound (HIFU) is a cosmetic procedure which has frequency of above 20,000 Hz sound waves having better direction, strong penetration and very easy to get a higher concentration of acoustic energy.
-HIFU technology is noninvasive treatment procedure
-Heating is directly applied till the deeper tissues for better treatment and skin lift
-Average treatment duration is from 45 to 90 minutes, however this depends upon the area being treated.
-It is a safe & effective method.

Fractional CO2 Laser

Fractional CO2 Laser treatment is used for laser resurfacing of skin or treating acne scars or scars formed by different etiologies.People with scars always vouch for smooth facial skin some scars deep enough to achieve desired results with other treatment options like peeling & non invasive treatments. Laser resurfacing is the most conventional treatment, Ablative CO2 laser with fractional delivery is considered to be effective in this field.This treatment is best for medium depth scars and often carried out under local anesthesia with a span of around one hour. The results with Fractional CO2 Laser is far superior and long lasting At Moksha Skin Hair & Laser Clinic, we can bring back smiles on the patients with smooth textured and glowing skin.

Fractional Radiofrequency

[Effective for acne scars & wrinkles]Radiofrequency procedure has been proven effective & safe for numerous aesthetic treatments like - acne scars, skin laxity, skin texture & skin smoothening. RF-tool delivers heat energy deep into the target areas resulting in fibroblast stimulation, dermal remodeling & neocollagenesis causing minimal disruption to epidermis. This procedure gives excellent results.Post acne scars & post chicken pox scars are also well treated with this device depending upon the type of scar.

Diode Laser

Diode Laser is a special laser more often used for permanent hair removal. In recent days this has been recognized as having a high success rate with respect to hair removal. It uses the theory of selective light absorption where melanin beneath the skin is targeted with a beam of laser leading to effective heating of the hair follicle ultimately destroying it.As the session progresses the potential of hair growth goes on reducing thus resulting in permanent hair removal.This treatment is often used to have a clean, smooth skin look. At Moksha Hair Clinic we use an internationally reputed brand of diode laser for all our hair removal treatment in Kalyan & Dombivli. For all your permanent hair removal needs, contact us today.LHR (Laser Hair Removal) – LHR improves quality of life in some individuals where hair growth in certain areas is considered unattractive. To aid this we have effective LHR procedures at Moksha Skin Hair & Laser clinic in Kalyan & Dombivli.LHR could be done not only to females having unwanted hairs but even in males. This procedure is mainly requested by males for beard shaping. LHR can never achieve 100% hair removal permanently this information is just to avoid unrealistic expectations set by clients