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Commonly known as pimples, zits or breakouts, acne occurs mostly at the time of puberty when sex hormones undergo changes. Around this phase of maturity when one is very conscious of one’s looks, acne can be devastating. Advanced cosmetology brings long lasting solutions to the problem of acne. Depending on the grade of acne, treatment differs. Mild grade acne can be treated with topical medication (application on affected skin area), whereas moderate to severe acne may need oral antibiotics as well.

Moksha Skin and Hair clinic offers a range of basic to advanced acne treatment. Chemical peels with salicylic acid are popular, clinically tested treatment, requiring a couple of sittings to get rid of acne problem. Intense Pulse Light Therapy can be used for a severe form of acne.

Acne Scar:

Severe acne when left untreated can lead to scar. While the damage to the cell wall due to acne scar is not reversible, treatments like chemical peels combined with resurfacing and rejuvenation procedures have shown promising results in smoothening out the scar so that it is less visible.

A range of cosmetic treatments like mesotherapy with derma roller and dermapen, skin repairing serums and hydrolic acid are generally used on acne scar, which are available at Moksha. Radio frequency treatment and PRP, an advanced treatment for scar demodulation are also offered.

Hyper Pigmentation:

Hyperpigmentation is nothing but overproduction of black colour pigment (melanin) beneath skin, caused due to hormonal changes, sun exposure, working in front of computer for a long time from near distance, chemical use esp. hair dye, etc.. Moksha skin & hair clinic treates all types of hyperpigmentation like tanning, freckles, dark circles, uneven tone and patchy skin, etc

Depending on the underlying cause of hyperpigmentation, Moksha skin experts offer topical creams, peeling, microdermabrasion, photo-facial, cautery treatment including advanced Q-switched laser treatment, to help tackle this problem. These treatments are given over a couple of sittings resulting in an even toned skin, clear radiant skin.


Ageing is a natural process. Nobody can arrest it. The first sign of ageing is visible on skin and it starts to appear in early 20s.Wrinkles (expression lines/ permanent lines), crow’s feet, lines on forehead, dark circles, etc. indicate the beginning of ageing skin. Skin begins to lose its elasticity and start to sag. Though inevitable, with proper skin care and treatment, these signs of ageing can be postponed.

Moksha Skin and Hair Clinic is committed to make everyone look and feel young. Combined with age arresting creams, Moksha skin experts offer clinically proven, effective treatment options like Radio-frequency (RF), Botox fillers, threads, peeling, eye cell treatment to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, etc.

Removal Of Unwanted Body Hair:

It can be quite distressing and embarrassing for a woman to have hair on chin, upper lip and underarm, etc. Laser technology brings permanent solution to this problem of unwanted hair. Moksha skin and hair clinic offers laser treatment package for getting rid of unwanted hair on any body parts. Laser is precise; hence it destroys hair from unwanted area without damaging the surrounding skin area.