Kalyan(W), Dombivli(E)

Hair Treatments

Permanent Hair Reduction Using Diode Laser

In this technique, hair follicles are focused with laser rays of specific wavelengths. This tends to lower the hair follicle growth potential. So thick hairs are gradually converted into thin hairs in due course of time. Our diode machine uses cool tip technology which makes this treatment less painful.Hormonal cases (hirsutism) requires certain medications also along with the laser hair reduction.

Platelet Rich
Plasma Therapy

In this effective method, growth factors derived from own blood is used to induce growth of the hair. Blood is collected using “venupuncture”, it is centrifuged in the laboratory to get platelet concentrate.This is rich in various growth factors which is injected or inducted back into the scalp.

Low Level Laser Treatment(IGrow Laser)

This is a non-invasive technique to treat hair fall and thinning. This is also called soft or cold laser as it does not emit heat.A special helmet like device which is fitted with the diode bulbs emitting laser rays of a particular wavelength is used.LLLT is known to promote the cellular activity thereby healing the damaged tissue and promoting the hair growth.

Mesotherapy With Dermaroller(Hair)

This safe method is based on acupuncture therapy concept; an instrument called dermaroller creates numerous micro channels in the scalp which help to deliver medicated products to the level of hair roots. This also helps to increase the blood circulation thereby helping to absorb them. These products that are used for induction consist of growth peptides, patented stem cells and autologous stem cells.


This is a novel method in which small threads made up of polydioxanone material ( one that is used in sterile absorbable threads for internal surgeries) are placed in the scalp.As foreign body reaction growth factors are secreted locally, this helps to strengthen the hair roots resulting in control of hair fall.It also stimulates dormant hair follicles resulting in hair regrowth.

Artificial Hair

They are more commonly known as hair extensions. They add length and fullness to human hair. Hair integrations are usually clipped on to other hair by incorporating additional human hair.Natural human hair can be permed, coloured and flat ironed whereas synthetic hair cannot. The methods include tape in extensions, clip in or clip on extensions, fusion method, weaving method, etc.They require servicing of integration every 2 to 3 months.

Hair Transplant

In the case of baldness, normal hairs from the back of the scalp are taken using the latest FUE technique. The hairs are planted into the bald area to give you back your lost mane.This is a day time procedure with no admission required as it is done under local anaesthesia. Once the body accepts the grafts, hairs behave like natural hairs where you can wash ,style & color them.