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Hair Concerns

Hair Loss(Baldness & Hair Thinning):

Both men and women suffer from hair thinning, although baldness is more common among men. Male pattern baldness is growing and treatment options have advanced too. Moksha hair experts analyse the underlying cause and as per type and grade of the baldness, offer medication and volume enhancing treatment including hair regrowth solutions for both men and women.

The range of treatment include topical application of serums like Minoxidil and finasateride. In some cases, cortisone injections are used. But where hair follicles cannot be regenerated; hair transplant is offered. It is permanent and easy to maintain.


Dandruff is a common chronic scalp disorder affecting a large percentage of the population.The specks of white flakes on the scalp and often on clothes can be a source of embarrassment. Dandruff is treatable. Moksha experts offer very effective and long lasting clinical solutions for dandruff.

Hair Damage:

Hair styling has become a fad. Blow drying, straightening, highlighting, perming and curling and dyeingregularly wreak havoc on hair, leaving it brittle, broken and unmanageable. Split ends and dry hair are just two of the possible outcomes of over-styling. Besides over-styling, excessive use of harsh shampoo, chlorine in pools, poor nutrition and certain medicines, can cause irreparable damage to hair.

Moksha experts with the help of advanced hair care technology, help you repair and restore your crowning glory.

Under Nourished, Lifeless & Greasy Hair:

Sometimes, the scalp produces excessive oil that makes the scalp greasy. Greasy hair can look dull, limp and lifeless, and it may be more difficult to manage.Moksha experts guide you to use the right shampoo that is specially formulated to control greasy hair and help to balance the natural oil in the hair.